Amerikas kulturverein für die Menschen hessischer Herkunft

Hessischer Verein

The Hessischer Verein is a German-American cultural and social club whose purpose is to preserve the Hessen culture through the study of Hessen history, traditions, dialect, cuisine, music and dance. The Hessischer Verein, which translates to Hessen Club, was founded in May 1989 to educate the public about Germans of Hessen descent in this frequently overlooked region of Germany. The club is located in Germantown, Wisconsin and has members in metropolitan Milwaukee, throughout Wisconsin, and in six other states.


Although most members are of Hessen descent, this is not a requirement for membership. The only requirement is a desire to rediscover your heritage. Our membership fee is $10.00. Membership includes a quarterly newsletter that gives club activities, Hessen history, genealogy, culture and always a Hessen recipe.